Teeth Whitening

Williams Family Dental offers the latest techniques in affordable, convenient and effective teeth whitening treatments, giving you our, patient, that dazzling, brilliant smile you've always wanted!

Bleaching is one of those exciting dental services that seems to grab everyone's attention and is one of the areas that people always ask about. It is probably the most satisfying treatment for both the patient and the dentist because it noticeably turns back the clock, making your smile much younger.

There are several methods in which to bleach teeth, but we will only touch on two - Take Home Bleaching Trays and The Rapid Light Enhanced Bleaching (a type of power bleaching).

In utilizing the "at home bleaching technique", impressions are made from which soft flexible trays are made to hold bleach gel in close proximity to your teeth. We then give you a bleaching gel, in which to place a very small amount in the tray. In a period of 2-4 weeks, your teeth will get whiter. There are two styles of gel - daytime gel and nighttime gel.

Daytime gel is used one hour, per day. Nighttime bleach gel is used while sleeping, approximately 6-8 hours. Our experience has been that we want to get the bleach in and working quickly, but not for a long period of time, in an effort to keep any sensitivity to a minimum. There does not seem to be any significant difference in how fast the two different methods work.

In utilizing the "rapid light enhanced bleaching", sometimes called Brite Smile® or Zoom!®, the effort is to get the teeth whiter in about an hour. To do this, several things must be done. First, the teeth must be isolated from all soft tissue (lips, gums and tongue) to prevent chemical burning. These materials are strong bleaching agents, in order to get the job done in a very short time. Lip/cheeck retractors are placed in the mouth. The bleach is applied to the teeth and a very bright ( and hot) light is placed a few inches from your teeth to enhance the effect of the bleach. There is also a higher incidence of sensitivity after the procedure. Plus, what they don't always tell you is that you still need the trays made to get the best possible result.

Therefore, because of the extra equipment, the extra chair time and perhaps a second treatment with the light, the cost is much higher and we also think it is less comfortable. Our patients have been happy with the "at home bleaching".

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